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  • “I had the opportunity to work with Adelphi Masterfil’s equipment in Shell Lubricant’s plant located in Venezuela. They are excellent, reliable and precise. “

    - Jose Rodrigo – Shell Venezuela Productos, C.A.

    “Mastercap Indexing Capper: We have had these machines since 2008, they have been fantastic, seldom an issue, extremely dependable. Seriously one of the best machines we have ever had. “

    - Carl Bennett – Thermo Fisher Scientific

    “It’s a different feeling with a family company, [Adelphi] really care! “

    - Derek Wilson – Evans Vanodine

    “They’re the Rolls Royce of machines! “

    - Russell Beaver – Greyland Chemicals

    “We were familiar with Adelphi’s equipment, and knew that we could trust them to run as we needed without constant breakdowns or issues. “

    - Jenny O’Callaghan – Tristel Solutions

    “Adelphi are our first point of contact when we require any filling or capping machinery. They are experts in their field and have always met our requirements with both speed and accuracy. “

    - Tony Styllis – Delphi Food Products

    “Adelphi ensured the buying process was simple and the machine would meet our needs. We have the machine producing on average 5,000 units a day on an 8 hour shift, so we needed reliable equipment that wouldn’t let us down, and knowing Adelphi’s machinery as we do, we felt confident this would be achieved. “

    - Greg Suarez – Barry M Cosmetics Ltd

    “We like working with people we can trust. Adelphi have been with us since day one – without them we couldn’t have done it! “

    - Chris Taylor – Eve Taylor (London) Ltd

    “The machine was working smoothly from day one. Outstandingly efficient customer service and support! “

    - Nancy Durham – FARMERS Welsh Lavender

    “Adelphi Manufacturing have always been incredibly helpful and insightful when supplying our filling machine needs and equipment. They are always attentive to any issues that may arise and only a phone call away. We would highly recommend them. “

    - Nikki Butlin – McCavity’s Contract Fillers

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